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The Philadelphia Inquirer
Published since 1829, The Philadelphia Inquirer is America’s third-oldest daily newspaper.

Since then The Inquirer has won 20 Pulitzer Prizes, including three Gold Medals for Public Service, the latest in 2012. Only three newspapers in the country can claim that accomplishment in the service of its community.

Daily News
The People Paper crackles with street-smart reporting and bold writing - news, sports and lifestyle coverage that taps into the heart and soul of your Philadelphia, your suburbs, your world. In production since 1925, the Daily News has been awarded 3 Pulitzer Prizes.

Providing a valuable service to companies awarded and featured, we offer a variety of solutions to help you promote your positive coverage alongside the well respected The Inquirer, Daily News, and brands—a resounding combination creating a valuable message in today’s highly competitive market.

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