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Licensing Agreement & Usage Guidelines

  • The Logo may not be altered in any way and must be used as designed in its entirety.
  • The Logo can only be used in conjunction with its winning or attributed product.
  • When used electronically, the logo should link back to the original article on
  • The size of the logos may be changed to fit the usage.
  • The logo may only be used in the English language unless otherwise noted.
  • The Logo may not be sold nor may the purchaser transfer its rights hereunder to any other organization.
  • The Logo file may not be copied or redistributed except as necessary for the purchaser to exercise its rights hereunder.
  • The fee paid provides the purchaser only with the rights and terms as described on the purchaser’s order.
  • All creative must be approved by YGS.
  • Any alterations, customizations, or expanse of the usage of said logo beyond the description on purchaser’s order requires a relicense fee.
  • YGS and CNET warrant that CNET is and will be the legal and beneficial owner of all CNET logos and YGS is the authorized licensor of this intellectual property.
  • All licenses are for a 12-month period of time unless otherwise stated in writing.

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