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Licensing Agreement & Usage Guidelines

Bloomberg and The YGS Group (“YGS”) hereby grant permission to use the Bloomberg logo, under the following conditions:

  1. The Logo may not be altered in any way and must be used as designed in its entirety.
  2. Creative samples using the logo must be supplied to YGS for their records.
  3. The Logo can only be used in conjunction with its winning category.
  4. The Logo is for a specified year and the year must be specified in usage.
  5. The Logo may not be sold nor may the Customer transfer its rights hereunder to any other organization.
  6. The Logo file may not be copied or redistributed except as necessary for the Customer to exercise its rights hereunder.
  7. The Customer will pay for the right and license to use, copy, distribute, display, perform, and publish the Logo for marketing and promotional purposes as described in the specified usage.
  8. The YGS Group and Bloomberg warrant that Bloomberg is and will be the legal and beneficial owner of the logo and YGS is the authorized licensor of this intellectual property.
  9. Any alterations, customizations, or expanse of the usage of said logo beyond the description herein must be renegotiated through The YGS Group. Use of the Logo is granted for the purposes described herein only. Using the Logo in any other way than the above stated will be considered copyright infringement.